Company Philosophy

My career as a designer opens a path for me to understand and capture that process of finding solutions through research and observation, generating means of expression as the final result of a Design. They are 19 years in the world of goldsmithing, since then I am in a training preparation, studying and receiving courses on new techniques and trends, merging all that knowledge to give rise to Jewels loaded with a high content of Design and concept; The trajectory that I have as a goldsmith has taught me that time is pressing and that there is nothing more rewarding for me than to be able to teach everything I know and to be able to see the result with great pride.

More than Inspiration, I think that the process of manufacturing each piece by hand is accompanied by a lot of knowledge, both of the metal, the ergonomics and material with which you work, as well as what you want to project and transmit, the achievement of a finished jewel It occurs when, through it, an impact also occurs when it acquires its own life.

ZAOBRA was born as a brand after studying the great conceptual and emotional content of each of the pieces, within the brand there are collections that are inspired by the main piece that is presented in goldsmiths, generating the inspiration that develops the entire collections of ZAOBRA.

To define the ZAOBRA brand we say that they are conceptual pieces with presence, communicative and give identity to those who use them, each of the pieces is carefully designed and manufactured respecting the nature of the materials.